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Leftovers: Automakers, Generators, Apple and Rats

Stocks ended the Sandy-shortened week lower as a better-than-expected jobs report wasn't enough to overcome the desire to take profits after a Thursday rally. Those jobs numbers apparently scared the gold bugs as the shiny stuff fell sharply in Friday's session.


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A collection of things we found interesting this week:



Bloomberg has a look at what went on inside Apple (AAPL) leading up to the recent changes in management, and what it could mean going forward.


Too Big To Fail

The Financial Stability Board released its world-wide list of too-big-too-fail institutions and about a third of them are in the U.S. The New York Times' Dealbook discusses the list no one wants to be on.


Flooding at the DTCC

Flooding from Hurricane Sandy may have destroyed more than a million paper stock and bond certificates held in a vault at the Depository Trust & Clearing Corp.


What Wall Street Did During Sandy

Sandy disrupted the routines of pretty much everyone in New York, including Wall Street heavyweights. Bloomberg reports on how some bankers kept busy during the storm, from indulging in sushi and fine wine to wearing *gasp* jeans in the office.


The Dark Side of Friday's Jobs Numbers

Those October jobs numbers were pretty good, but the prospects are still pretty grim for the long-term unemployed.



Sandy flooded the maze of tunnels that run under New York, wreaking havoc with the city's mostly subterranean rodent population.


Rules for Trading

After Halloween dumped a ton of excess supply on the market tons of over-the-counter trading of candy is sure to take place.

Bobby Raines

Bobby Raines is the Managing Editor of the Market Intelligence Center. He has degrees in Mass Communications and History from Emory & Henry College. Bobby worked at a mid-sized daily newspaper before making a switch to covering the financial industry full time in the years leading up to the financial crisis. He has been a member of the Fresh Brewed Media team since 2011 and has served as a writer and analyst. You can write to him at braines@marketintelligencecenter.com or follow him on Twitter: @BRatMICenter.