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Are energy drink makers being honest with consumers?

Over the past couple of years, we have seen massive growth in the energy drink market. Consumers have been shying away from soft drinks, and energy drink makers have seized the opportunity to gain significant market share. The drinks promise a lot of things to consumers, but are they really all they are cracked up to be?

Late last year, the spotlight was placed on the industry as multiple reports of deaths began to surface related to energy drinks. The FDA is investigating Monster Beverage (MNST) over claims that its energy drinks have been responsible for five deaths over the last three years. While the number of reported deaths is minute when compared to the vast number of drinks that Monster sold during that time period, any death is one too many, and it raises other concerns.

The problem really boils down to one simple thing… what exactly are these energy drinks doing to our body? The drinks claim to give users a mental and physical boost, coming from blends of ingredients specially engineered to boost energy. Ads for energy drinks tend to shy away from the caffeine connection, but is there really anything in the drinks that you could not get from a plain cup of coffee?

Researchers say no.

Michael Fowlkes

Michael Fowlkes is a financial writer who has been with the Fresh Brewed Media family since 2004. Over the course of his tenure with Fresh Brewed Media, he has worn many hats, including portfolio manager, options analyst, and writer. Michael received his undergraduate degree from Virginia Tech in Accounting and got his start in finance working as a stock trader for six years at Chase Investment Counsel in Charlottesville, Va.