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Three dirt cheap value stocks under $10

Everyone loves a bargain.  If you’re someone who appreciates the power of a discount, then you’ll love these value stocks under $10.  We find that these small-caps have been ignored, and are trading at ridiculously low prices compared to what the companies are already worth.  A price to book below one, a debt/equity of 0.01, or a PE below 5 are simply too good to pass up. 

It’s unfortunate that these companies have been overlooked by investors in the market.  Turn their loss into your gain.  Value stocks have a strong tendency to eventually be recognized and properly valuated by investors in the long run.

You may not experience the pace of profits that a short term growth investor does.  However, your ride will most likely be less bumpy in comparison to the volatility that growth stocks invite.  Your investment will probably have a lot more security in a stock with value than in one with growth.  We picked these 3 stocks based on their underlying value, as well as promising earnings statistics which suggest that there are potential profits to be had in the short run.

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