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7 top CEOs speak their mind on President Trump

It is not only through his presidential policy that is setting everyone in the corporate world on their toes, but being featured on President Donald Trump’s Twitter TWTR is also what many companies try to avoid.

“CEOs have not seen this much attention, as they have in the last three months in eight years under President Obama. In one sense, they love it, having so called the Business Policy Counsel,” said Bill George, a faculty at Harvard business School and a CNBC Contributor, in a CNBC report. “But on the other hand, they are all afraid of his tweets.  They want to kind of carry favor and many of them are stepping forward.”

Here are some CEOs that mentioned President Trump either in their conference calls regarding their Q4 earnings or interviews with the press.

American Electric Power AEP – Nicholas K. Akins

“President Trump’s focus of enhancing the ability for manufacturing industries to thrive and produce jobs, well, that’s AEP’s service territory. His Focus on a balanced portfolio of energy resources, including fossil fuels, that’s also AEP’s service territory. So as I said before the election, whether focused on the Clean Power Plan as in Hillary Clinton’s proposals or President Trump’s proposals, AEP should prosper…”

AEP’s stock surged momentarily after the release of Q4 earnings on Jan. 26, 2017. The company has seen an increase of 1.83% to $63.79 per share. AEP is currently down 0.54% since the market opened this morning. American Electric Power is a public utility holding company and is a Zacks Rank #3 (Hold).

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