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The major mistake investors are making by ignoring US growth

I have a confession to make: I love reality TV, and the trashier the better. After a long day traversing the globe generating alpha, there’s nothing quite like kicking up your feet with a glass of Kentucky water and watching women fight over whose Birkin bag cost more. I was indulging in my guilty pleasure recently when I saw a commercial for an upcoming show called A Night with My Ex.

Seriously, can you think of anything worse than spending a night with your ex while the cameras roll and hundreds of thousands of viewers witness the whole thing? Those people are going to discover that it always turns out like the Maroon 5 song One More Night. They’ll wake up hating themselves.

I’m definitely recording that show, but luckily I don’t have to wait until July to get my fix. That’s because right now investors are making a Night with My Ex-type mistake in U.S. equities, and I’m bearing witness.

Landon Whaley

Landon Whaley is the Founder and CEO of Whaley Capital Group. Mr. Whaley launched Whaley Capital Group in the aftermath of the 2008 Financial Crisis because he wanted to provide real value and a unique client experience in an otherwise highly commoditized industry. Whaley Capital Group delivers on this mission by following a rigorous investment strategy that is committed to a global macro-style of investing, while simultaneously providing a world-class, boutique-style client experience. You can contact Landon at: landon@whaleycapitalgroup.com