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The time to buy these dividend champions is now

Some of us in the business of predicting the market have a bad habit of “predicting” things that have already been publicly announced. The reader may or may not be aware of this, but the prediction is essentially meaningless in any event, as its estimated impact will already have been fairly priced in to the value of the stock. Perhaps we do this most egregiously and most often when it comes to encouraging the purchase of dividend stocks that are soon to increase their dividend. Very often, these are good suggestions, but the specific timing is not necessarily better prior to the raising of a dividend than at any other time.

The three best times to buy a stock that regularly increases its dividend are now, now, and now. Phrased another way, that means now, as soon as you free up some money, and free up some money now! Take profits on those soaring FANGS and sink your teeth into something meaty enough to stay on the bone when the market is tested in the fires of correction.

The stocks on today’s list are dividend champions that I like, but which I haven’t been buying recently for one reason or another. In some cases, I’m just correcting the oversight today, but in others, well… as I said, now is a good time.

Remember to treat these ideas as just that, ideas, and do your own research before making any investment decision.

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Julian Close

Julian Close became a stockbroker in 1995. In his 20 years of market experience, he has seen all market conditions and written about every aspect of investing. Julian has also written extensively on corporate best practices and even written reports for the United Nations. He graduated from Davidson College in 1993 and received a Master of Arts in Teaching from Mary Baldwin College in 2011. You can see closing trades for all Julian's long and short positions and track his long term performance via twitter: @JulianClose_MIC.