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Countdown: The five WORST CEOs working today

Marissa Mayer, Yahoo, Verizon (VZ)

This one is a bit sad, because it was with such high hopes that the tech world welcomed Marissa Mayer as CEO of Yahoo. Unfortunately, Mayer was never able to reverse the company’s slide, but merely stood by helpless as it was pushed out of the web advertising business by competitor Google. Instead, Mayer went on a shopping spree which didn’t end up helping matters, then bungled the sale/split off of Yahoo’s huge stake of Alibaba.

Then, things got a bit comical. After the previously mentioned mega-hack, Yahoo’s value fell so far that its stake in Alibaba was literally the only part of the company worth any money. Why exactly Verizon stepped in to buy what remained Yahoo, I couldn’t tell you. Mayer won’t end up in the poor house or in jail. It might even be said that she didn’t do anything wrong. But CEOs are also supposed to do things that are right, and it’s unclear whether or not that’s true of Mayer.


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Julian Close

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