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Countdown: The five WORST CEOs working today

Oscar Munoz, United Continental Holdings (UAL)

Oscar Munoz is the CEO of United, which most would consider an enviable position, but there are CEOs on whom boards keep close watch, and there are CEO/Chairmen, who hold virtually limitless power. Munoz was scheduled to become the later, but now it is unlikely he will ever be anything but the former, and this dramatic loss of power and wealth was the result, essentially, of one ill-conceived statement.

That statement concerned the famous incident in which Doctor David Dao was ripped from his seat and dragged through the aisle in front of a plane full of horrified passengers, many of who captured the incident on their mobile phones. Although he had apparently seen the footage, Munoz apparently thought he could get away with blaming the victim, claiming that Dao was removed because he was being disruptive and belligerent. He also praised the airline staff for “following procedure.”

No, said every witness on the plane, that’s not what happened. Then the whole world came down angrily on United and Munoz. In Munoz’s defense, at least he realized the next day that he had made a big mistake. He made a conciliatory statement, and while he still got burned a bit, he was at least able to pull his b***s out of the fire.

Next up, a CEO who is apparently not genetically capable of realizing when he is wrong.


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Julian Close

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