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How to hedge volatility with ETFs

How to Play

DeltaShares S&P 500 Managed Risk ETF DMRL

This ETF seeks to track the S&P 500 Managed Risk 2.0 Index, which is designed to simulate a downside-protected portfolio, which utilizes a framework that includes targeted volatility and a synthetic option overlay to hedge the downside risk of the portfolio. It holds 508 securities in its basket with each accounting for less than 3.6% of assets. DMRL has accumulated nearly $399.7 million in its asset base and trades in a light volume of 6,000 shares. It charges 35 bps in fees per year.

Nationwide Risk-Based U.S. Equity ETF RBUS

This ETF follows the R Risk-Based US Index and employs a risk-based strategy that seeks to provide upside potential while protecting against losses stemming from volatility. It holds well-diversified 251 stocks in its basket, with none of the securities accounting for more than 1.52% share. RBUS has newly debuted in the space and accumulated $114.4 million within five months. It charges 30 bps in annual fees and trades in a thin volume of 2,000 shares a day on average.

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