USANA Health Sciences (USNA) Short%: 68.8%     Float: 6.36M         Short Ratio: 30.7
Perhaps unsurprisingly, USNA is a multi-level marketer of health-care products. So far this year, the stock has doubled in price from $35 to $70 before falling back a bit in the last few days. The Street's loathing of multi-level marketing is truly fierce, as is evident from the stupefying 68.8% short percentage and the massive 30.7 short ratio. What The Street may be missing is that not all multi-level marketing systems follow the path of a balloon, expanding rapidly, seeming to grow larger and larger, and then suddenly ceasing to exist. USNA appears to be organized to achieve sustainable growth, as demonstrated by its revenue, which is increased for the past 10 years in a row. USNA's first quarter 2013 numbers recently came in, showing a larger than ever first quarter profit of $1.28 per share. It would appear all USNA has to do to smash the short sellers is exactly what it is already doing, and if this colossal short position pops, the results could be legendary.

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