After closing Thursday at $83.13, Deere & Co (DE) presents an attractive opportunity to get a 2.61% return in just 85 days, which is an annualized return of 11.22% (for comparison purposes only).

To enter this trade, sell one Dec. '14 $82.50 call for each 100 shares of DE for a net debit of about $80.40. The net debit for this trade is also the break even point, which means this position has 3.28% downside protection.

If you're interested in a lower-cost hedged trade on Deere, consider substituting the Jan. '16 $65.00 call for the long stock position for a net debit of $15.87. In this position the stock can fall by 2.72% before any losses are incurred. This trade has an assigned return rate of 10.27% or an annualized return rate of 44% (for comparison purposes only).

DE closed Thursday at $83.13 after trading between $83.07 and $83.78. Technical indicators are bearish with support near $82.62 and resistance around $84.04.