Tuesday’s trading in Opko Health, Inc. (OPK) gives options traders an opportunity for a 14.94% return.

By selling the Sep. '15 $13.00 call and buying the Jan. '16 call at the $8.00 level for a net debit of $4.35, traders will book a profit as long as the stock closes above $12.35.

A more expensive, but less risky, play would be a covered call Sep. '15 at the $13.00 level. This trade has a 7.17% (16.06% annualized, for comparison purposes only) and offers 15.06% downside protection.

Opko Health traded between $14.24 and $14.43 before closing at $14.28 Tuesday. Support has been around $14.13 and resistance has been in the neighborhood of $14.51.