's option-trade picking algorithms have identified an attractive covered-call trade on Southwestern Energy Co (SWN). Look at the Dec. '15 $22.00 covered call for a net debit in the $19.96 area.

This trade has a duration of 171 days. The break-even point of this trade is the same as the net debit, which gives this trade 11.25%. If the stock closes at or above $22.00 at expiration this trade will return 10.22% or 21.82% (for comparison purposes only).

SWN closed Monday's trading session at $22.49. In the past year, the stock has hit a 52-week low of $21.46 and 52-week high of $45.52. Southwestern Energy stock has been showing support around $21.74 and resistance in the $23.80 range. Technical indicators for the stock are bearish and S&P gives SWN 3 STARS (out of 5) hold ranking.