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Stocks slide lower to end the week

Friday morning pre-market indications are that U.S. stocks will continue to tumble when the opening bell rings. Reports from Ukraine and Russia show increased activity by the Russian military and a weekend vote could shape the future of Crimea, but all that is adding up to concern for stock traders. The February Producer Price Index showed a small contraction, when analysts were predicting an... More »

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V F Corp (VFC) Trading Near $60.55 Resistance Level

Wednesday’s trading in V.F. Corp (VFC) gives options traders an opportunity for a 25.79% return. By selling the Aug. '14 $60.00 call and buying the Jan. '15 call at the $50.00 level for a net debit of $7.95, traders will book a profit as long as the stock closes above $57.95. A more expensive, but less risky, play would be a covered call Aug. '14 at the $60.00 level. This trade... More »

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Morning Update for October 22, 2012


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