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Five stocks every income investor NEEDS to own in 2017

For just the second time since the financial crisis, the Federal Reserve recently voted to raise interest rates. The fear leading up to the latest rate hike was that the… Read more >

Stocks to buy as Trump and Hillary remain close

The first Presidential debate is in the books, and while Hillary Clinton appears to have scored a victory during the debate, it was not the blowout victory that some expected,… Read more >

Five stocks to ride out volatility

After trading to historic highs, the market has started to show some signs of weakness. The biggest cloud hanging over the stocksĀ at this time is fear about future interest rate… Read more >

Buy these stocks for their yields; Keep them for their gains

Seasoned dividend investors understand the power of dividends in boosting the value of a portfolio over the long term. Take into consideration that dividends were responsible for 42% of the… Read more >