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Buy these stocks now, while everyone hates them

Ultimately, there’s only two possible reasons why a stock goes down: a good reason, and no good reason. No good reason—or at least, the assessment of such—is admittedly more common… Read more >

Have earnings put a halt to the rally in semiconductor ETFs?

Semiconductors have been the investors’ darling and one of the best performing sectors last year courtesy of encouraging industry fundamentals. Global industry sales reached a record $335.8 billion in 2014,… Read more >

Semiconductor stock outlook

The Semiconductor Industry serves as a driver, enabler and indicator of technological progress. Developments in the industry determine the way we work, transport ourselves, communicate, entertain ourselves and respond to… Read more >

Advanced Micro's three senior executives to step down

Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) recently declared that three of its senior executives will step down. The General Manager of Computing and Graphics Business Group, John Byrne; Chief Marketing Officer, Colette LaForce;… Read more >