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Five stocks that are climbing in a sideways market

Since the beginning of the summer, the markets have been stuck in a fairly tight sideways pattern. The broader indices have been handcuffed by this year’s presidential election, as well… Read more >

Five stocks that offer big opportunities

The market has been dealing with a lot of uncertainty in recent months, with the biggest uncertainty being the upcoming presidential election. On top of the election, oil prices and… Read more >

Here’s how to prepare your portfolio for rising rates

The market has been wrong multiple times over the last year in its speculation on the timing of the next interest rate increase from the Federal Reserve, but at this point a… Read more >

Five stocks to buy if the market continues to slide

There is a growing fear among investors that a wave of interest rate increases are about to occur which will lead to a mass sell off in the markets. Whether or… Read more >

Five stocks with big, steady, increasing dividends — and no oil-price risk!

If you routinely invest for dividends, you’ve likely encountered choppy waters over the last two years. Even if you have merely been shopping around for high-dividend investments, you’ve probably noticed… Read more >