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Alive and charging

By: Julian Close

After the open… stocks began to rally with conviction after the price of oil apparently found a convincing bottom this morning, though that bottom no longer looks nearly as convincing as it did a couple of hours ago. There are no economic reports, but today's options expiration is... More»

Relax! Here’s how to protect yourself from the market

By: Julian Close

In the old days, hedging was almost a dirty word for investors. Isn't hedging what you do when you are afraid to commit to one thing or another? Isn't this a sure path to mediocrity? The answer is no. Consider that hedge fund managers are considered to be among the smartest traders on the... More»

In the news: Exxon keeps drilling in Russia, Intel investing in Chinese chipmakers and more

By: Bobby Raines

Friday headlines include: Exxon winning the right to keep working in Russia despite sanctions, Intel investing in Chinese mobile chip firms, two families dropping lawsuits against General Motors in ignition-switch cases, Blackberry losing less than expected and traders looking forward to Alibaba... More»

Weekend Reading: Stockbroker confessions, big dividends and biotechs

By: Bobby Raines

It was a busy week at Tensions between Russia and Ukraine contributed too much of the week's volatility. We also saw some pretty unimpressive earnings reports from major retailers, compared the companies that make Candy Crush and cigarettes and tried to figure out... More»

How to turn $2,500 into $25,000

By: Julian Close

Sometimes the market has an element of gambling about it, but it is not pure chance, if you understand the trends that are pushing the numbers around better than the market. What exactly is the market? Unfortunately, the average investor is not the same as the market; studies show that the most... More»

Stocks rise as earnings turn the tide

By: Julian Close

After the Open... The jittery market is today finding that it cannot ignore the allure of great earnings. Before the current trading session, Lululemon (LULU), SolarCity (SCTY) and NVIDIA (NVDA) all blew the Street away with their earnings reports, following on the heels of Stratasys (SSYS), which... More»

Weekend reading: No to Twitter, Yes to Tesla, options windfalls and much more

By: Bobby Raines

It was a busy week at Twitter's (TWTR) earnings report impressed the market, but our analyst still doesn't think it’s a good investment.  Julian Close does remain impressed with Tesla's (TSLA) plans to build a giant battery factory. He was also... More»

How to make a 3,000% return in two hours…

By: Julian Close

How would you like to make a 3,000% return in the market in just two hours? Impossible, you say? Actually, an unknown trader apparently lived this dream just last week. At 9:58 AM on Thursday, July 24, while shares of SodaStream (SODA) were trading at $29.50, someone bought $7,500 worth of SODA... More»

Stop watching the VIX

By: Julian Close

In every industry, there are signs to indicate when the people involved have run out of useful things to do. In all industries, people congregate around the water cooler or the coffee maker, chit chat about TV shows, plan for the weekend, etc… There are times, however, when it doesn't do... More»

Winning with option volatility

By: Zacks Investment Research

There's been a lot of talk about volatility in stocks lately. But today, I want to focus on options volatility and what it means for the options investor. So let's start off with a definition: Volatility measures the rate at which a security moves up and down. If a security is moving up and... More»


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