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Stocks drift higher to cap off winning week

By: Bobby Raines

Stocks are rising Friday, continuing a recent trend. The S&P 500 is up 0.61%, while the Nasdaq is up 0.54%.Trading higher this morning are textiles, apparel and luxury goods; multiline retail; and specialty retail. Trading lower this morning are energy equipment and services; road and rail; and... More»

Using managed futures to lower volatility

By: Joseph Favorito

In recent years the mutual fund industry has seen an enormous expansion of alternative investing strategies which have made a variety of investment approaches that had historically been available only to the high net worth investor, available to the general public. There are a whole host of... More»

Five home-run buy ideas

By: Julian Close

2015 began with great promise for investors. The price of oil had already collapsed, to be sure, but the damage was confined mostly to drillers and big oil. For the rest of us, the price of gas was low, which was keeping our wallets full despite the lack of any real growth in wages. Also, our huge... More»

Stocks go sideways

By: Bobby Raines

Stocks spent time on either side of the break-even mark in the first half hour of trading Thursday. Economic data out his morning showed that both import and export prices fell in August. Wholesale inventories declined in July by 0.1%. Industries trading higher this morning include biotechnology... More»

Making money if you have a neutral to bearish outlook

By: Zacks Investment Research

A Bear Call Spread is used when you have a neutral to negative view on a stock. While this strategy has a limited risk, it also has a limited reward. So if you're expecting a big down move to occur, you'd be better off looking at a more aggressive bearish strategy that affords unlimited... More»

Ratio back call spreads for big moves

By: Zacks Investment Research

Ratio Back Call Spreads are a strategy I seldom hear anybody talk about. But they can be a great way to position yourself in a trade if you think something big could happen. And, if you're right, you can use them to maximize your potential returns while at the same time lowering your cost of... More»

Profit with this new put-write ETF as markets rise

By: Zacks Investment Research

The U.S. bourses, which ended the first half of 2015 in red and were beaten down heavily by concerns over China and Greece to start the second half, are now on the mend. Positive sentiment has built up in the market lately. This is especially true given the recovery in the Chinese stocks and... More»

Five careful ways to win with options

By: Zacks Investment Research

Did you know that in spite of all the volatility in the markets as of late (or maybe partly because of it), the growth in options trading has continued to rise? More and more people are now including options in their investments as a smart way to get ahead of the market. And it's easy to see... More»

iShares files two actively managed interest rate hedged ETFs

By: Zacks Investment Research

The recent upbeat data on the U.S. economy has fueled expectations of a hike in interest rates and has left investors jittery about the safety of their portfolio.  Given investors’ worries about interest rates, iShares has filed for two bond ETFs which hedge interest rate risks. Both the... More»

Three foolproof solutions for options mistakes

By: Zacks Investment Research

With the market going up, there will be an increasingly larger number of people buying call options on those stocks they expect to go up even further. However, there will also be an increasingly larger number of people losing money on those very same call options designed to make money as the... More»


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